Call Me Jim
  • Who is Jim?

    Jim Williams is the epitome of what happens when ‘gifting’ and ‘calling’ come together. Since his life change from Fortune 50 Company Financial Officer to Speaker/Motivator, the best fortune for audience groups is the profound impact of dynamic truth he brings. The tragic loss of 19 year old son, Curt, killed by a drunk driver on November 11, 1995 is part of that truth, providing powerful opportunity for Jim to share authentically with youth and adults alike. Now, after twelve years, Jim Williams has been to hundreds of schools across the country and spoken to thousands of students. …more about Jim Williams…
  • Student/Child Programs

    Jim crafts his delivery appropriate to the age group, using stories as a way to involve students for results that are overwhelmingly positive regardless of age. His messages include topics on bully behavior, how to make good choices, stepping up to the plate, writing a personal mission statement and drinking and driving. His compelling use of the “full bucket” metaphor helps students understand their basic needs and what a big impact these needs have on their behavior.…more…
  • Teacher/Parent Programs

    TEACHERS: In-service training for teachers has become a larger part of Jim’s work, both at individual schools and at Teacher Conferences.
    PARENTS: What began as a personal need to reach his strong-willed daughter culminated in the publication of his book, “Parenting on Point”, and video series, “Pro-Active Parenting”. Parenting workshops continue to be a passionate focus in Jim’s work.
Call Me Jim