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Being a Leader Through the Eyes of Children – Part II

With Beth my actions started to convince her that I really did love her.  However, my wife decided to speed things along.  Carol signed me up for the “father/daughter” dance that was going to be part of a very large recital that was going to be presented in front of thousands of people at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.  (Whoppy Do!)  She then told me that I would be practicing with Beth every Saturday morning for 10 weeks starting at 8:00 am.  My initial response was a big “NO WAY Honey.”  Carol was not phased at all.  She whispered in my ear one of my most favorite privileges.  She asked me if I like that privilege and of course I said that I loved that privilege.  She then asked me if I wanted to keep that privilege and again I responded in a positive way “yes, I desperately want to keep that privilege.”  The next Saturday at 7:30 in the morning Beth and I were headed to practice.  I sure didn’t want to give up golf.

The first few Saturdays were pretty rough.  Neither Beth nor I are morning people.  However, as the weeks went by a couple of things started to occur.  I began to realize how hard Beth works at her dancing and how talented she was.  Beth began to realize that she got her dancing genes from the old man.

This realization about how hard Beth works at dancing was huge.  I used to coach some of her T-Ball teams and I thought she was a bit lazy.

The director liked me and I was able to help choreograph the program.  I started looking forward to Saturday mornings.  We performed our dance several times.  When the curtain was coming down for the last time I started to cry.  I didn’t want the show to stop.  LEADERS MUST LEARN TO BE FLEXIBLE AND TO KEEP PRIORITIES IN THERIGHT PLACE.  LEADERS MUST REMEMBER THAT BEING A LEADER IS A PRIVILEGE.



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