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Jim Williams is the epitome of what happens when “gifting” and “calling” come together. Formally a financial manager for Alcoa he became a professional speaker and motivator following a family tragedy that shook his soul to the bone. In 1995, Curt, his 19 year old son, was killed by a drunk driver.

His 23 years with Alcoa covered many disciplines including sales & marketing, finance and internal auditing. His seven years with the Internal Audit Department jump started his career in finance. His likeable personality coupled with his business experiences created a manager that the department heads liked and respected. His experiences with international subsidiaries made him the perfect choice to become the treasurer/controller of a joint operation with Fujikura, LTD.

In 1996 his division was eliminated and Jim found himself in a very dark spot. However, a local United Way Agency where Jim had been a volunteer asked him to share his pain with students. He has never looked back.

In his workshops on parenting or effective communications he openly shares the many troubles he had with his strong willed daughter. Jim has stated many times, “When she was 16 I realized that I was losing her and I had to make some changes.” His many stories will make you laugh and cry. Today he is an integral part of her family.

Abingdon Press published his parenting book “Parenting on Point” as well as the video series “ProActive Parenting.” He has spoken about parenting to many diverse groups. “Employees with family problems do not stay focused on their company responsibilities,” he states. “Many parenting skills are really life skills especially effective communication. If you can communicate with teens you can surely communicate with customers and employees.”

By 2000 he began to understand the seriousness of the bully problem in schools. Before it became such a popular topic to discuss Jim started telling stories about the bullying he endured as a child as well as the bullying his son endured during middle school. He now teaches workshops across the country as well as presenting assemblies to elementary, middle and high school students. His approach puts the majority of the responsibility for reducing bullying on the students themselves. He has been very successful motivating children to step outside of their comfort zone and become a leader. The students call him “Jim.”

Leadership seems to have always followed Jim around, whether in high school, college, military, business and the community.. His favorite keynote address for corporate entities is entitled “Being a Leader in the Eyes of Children.”

Jim writes articles for a variety of parent magazines. He has been featured on local television programs as well as the TBN show “Lifestyle Magazine.” He will be appearing in a documentary on bullying that will be released in 2013. He continues to present workshops to regional and national conferences. He receives financial support from a variety of civic organizations including churches, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, The Lions Club, PTOs, Chamber of Commerce.

Jim Fay, Founder, The Love and Logic Institute stated “Jim Williams can capture an hold an audience like no other…..”

Jim has been married to Carol since 1970. They reside in Brentwood Tennessee. His daughter Beth and son-in-law Greg live in Birmingham Alabama with their three children, Madison, Brennan and Baker. You can learn more about Jim by visiting his website “”

“This is my calling – this is what I am doing to honor my wife, Carol, and my children’s lives.” —Jim Williams

Call Me Jim