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Parenting On Point

“A parenting plan is just as important to building a family as a construction plan is to building a house. James C. Williams helps take the frustration out of parenting by guiding parents in developing a personalized parenting plan that will keep their family “on point” – on the path that God has chosen for them.

This book walks parents through the important aspects of a parenting plan, offering practical tips and strategies aimed at keeping their family anchored to important values and beliefs that will redirect them when the tug of popular culture pulls them off course. Stores from Williams’ own life are interwoven throughout the chapters, including important realizations made after a drunk driver killed his son in 1995.

On the accompanying CD, the author tells his powerful story, including the tragic death of his son and his roller coaster ride with God, plus a dynamic presentation of the book’s highlights. The CD can be used as an introductory preview to the book as well as a convenient refresher course for busy parents.”


With the ProActive Parenting series, you don’t have to be a “parenting expert” to lead a class or small group. With DVD segments from Jim Williams, author and national speakier, it’s easy to coordinate a class, facilitiate discussions and help lead a group of parents through a period of learning, growing and sharing.

Each of the six couses in the ProActive Parenting series offers:

One DVD. Each DVD contains four sessions with 15 minutes of video – including three segments of video for each class – handouts and Leader notes.

One Student Book. Each Student Book offers content from the DVD, background information and facts, questions for discussion, sidebar tips, homework assignments, and journaling.

With Jim Williams as the video teacher, anyone can lead the group and start the discussions.

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