Call Me Jim


Jim’s workshops for Business Applications have gained accolades plus the endorsement of the United Way of Williamson County. His work with adults through workshops is potent – as with everything he does.

Managing Interpersonal Relationships
• Personality Types Under Stress
• Anger Management
• Filling the Employee’s Bucket
• Effective Communications


Jim was invited into our company, AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies, to lead one of our Leadership Dialogue sessions for about 120 management associates. Jim’s session focused on helping our executive team examine the differences in their communication style and approach to interacting with staff when they are under normal environmental conditions as opposed to when they are under stress. The session was a great success. Not only is Jim’s style one of personal connection with each of the individuals in his audience, his delivery of the message resonates with everyone.

Simply put, communication and interaction are extremely important because the work we do on behalf of our members—to help people get care, stay well and build healthy communities—is important. Jim’s program helped create a roadmap for how each of us as individuals can be better understood and be attentive and responsive to our fellow associates, our members and our families needs. His stories provided us with the path to create our own personal success stories.

We will be “calling Jim” and his message back into the organization for our frontline associates and for our members.

Lisa Getzfrid, Senior Vice President
AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies
Philadelphia, PA

Call Me Jim