Call Me Jim

3rd-4th Grade Programs

Understanding Bully Behavior:  3rd grade

In this 45 minute program Jim teaches the students the difference between being a leader or a bully.  The students must fill in the blanks of two key sentences:  Leaders _______students.  Bullies ________ students.  They are told that both words begin with the letter “H.”  Jim then demonstrates the different ways a third grade student can hurt a fellow student.  Then Jim identifies the 4 steps that leaders must do to help students.

Understanding Bully Behavior:  4th grade

This 50 minute program teaches the students the definition of bully behavior.  They have to memorize it and some state it in front of the class.  Next, they learn that bullying is about power and that followers and bystanders give their power away.  The students then figure out that the only way a bystander can become a leader is to take their power back and offer friendship to the victim.  With stories Jim then highlights that power comes in three forms:  physical, verbal and social.  He ends the assembly with his 4 step program.


Through age specific stories, Jim keeps his message pointed while creating a “safe place” atmosphere.  Both programs finish with Jim teaching them a wonderful and fun song to sing.

Call Me Jim