Call Me Jim

5th-6th Grade Programs

Being a leader, not a bystander or follower.

This 95 minute program covers all of the elements contain in the 4th grade program but use examples that more fit the experience level for 5th and 6th graders.  More time is spent on social violence including cyber bullying.  The students learn two of their primary needs and why they impact their behavior.  Jim advises students that leadership is about reaching out to the victim and taking the power away from the bully.  A student survey of feelings about school and home is taken in a very confidential way.  The teachers and counselors record the survey for follow up.  The program ends with Jim sharing the story of three boys:  Curt (his son), Vance (the leader) and Roy (the drunk driver)  After the conclusion of the story Jim answers their many questions.  Please note that in the second year the sixth grade students receive a different program that once again provides review of the important elements of bully behavior but also shows a wonderful movie called “The Broken Toy.”  Using the characters from the movie Jim helps the students understand what it feels like being a victim.

Below is a playlist of clips from the program as presented to a 5th grade class at Bethesda Elementary school.

Being a Leader not a Bystander: Part 2

 6th Grade Program – 90 min.- Students learn the 3 types of victims most preyed on by bullies and how being a bystander gives the bully power. Through Jim’s use of the “Broken Toy” video students gain, not only empathy for a passive victim, but positive steps they can take to befriend the victim and strip the bully’s power by refusing to be bystanders.


Call Me Jim